Deli to shut down August 6 for upgrades

We've been planning an expansion to the deli with the goal of improving our service. During the next few weeks you'll see several equipment upgrades and product additions. We'll try to keep disruption to a minimum, but on Monday, August 6, 2018, we're planning to shut down the deli for the day to replace the current deli case. We should be back up and running the following day. We'll keep you posted if there are any changes.

Discount Groceries

A picture of the store If you are conscious about prices (and who isn’t), Discount Groceries offer a solution. They are also known as Salvage Groceries, or Bent n’ Dent Groceries. What are they all about? Here’s a rundown…

  • Industry surpluses (ex. McDonald’s orders too many hash browns)
  • Retailer rejects (ex. Wal-Mart pulls a scratched or dented can of fried apples off their shelves)
  • Close-to-date or Out-of-date items (ex. Hot dogs get close-to-date, so a Shoprite store sells them at a loss, even though the shelf life is actually much longer than the printed date.)

Hash Browns Mcdonald'sLuck's Fried ApplesBar-S Jumbo Franks   We are concerned that products are excellent quality, so we do several things.

  1. Sort out products that don’t meet strong health & safety standards (ex. No heavily dented cans or products with damaged seals allowed)
  2. Everything is absolutely Guaranteed. We can’t know everything, so if you get something that doesn’t meet YOUR criteria, come get your money back (Always keep your receipt for this purpose).
  3. We are our own biggest customers. We love food, we love good prices, and maybe with the exception of the Limburger Cheese, we sell only what we eat ourselves. 🙂
  4. We want to listen to You. How are we doing? Of course we want you involved in shopping here, but we also want you involved in building a better platform for serving you. Contact us by phone at 814-634-1735. Send us a note with the Contact Form. Email us directly at: “sales” at “”. Or leave us a comment or message on Facebook.

Discount Groceries are an opportunity. Don’t be surprised to find products 50% less than the retail prices at the supermarket. Do the math.