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•    Where does it come from?
Amick Farm’s and other fresh poultry producers.
•    Is it frozen?
No. It is a fresh, refrigerated product. You should freeze it within 12-14 days. Sometimes chicken may have ice crystals on the surface. This comes from being stored as cold as possible (at or just below 32°F) to keep maximum freshness.
•    Is it certified organic?
No, but it is raised with no steroids or hormones.
•    What’s it like?
It comes in bulk amounts from the producer. Usually the whole 40 pounds is loose in a single bag or liner. Occasionally it will come in multiple 10 lb. bags. Our customers have been very happy with it. It’s very fresh. They say it sometimes needs trimming. Sometimes box liners will leak, so it’s wise to be prepared with plastic or cardboard if you are transporting the boxes on seats or in a trunk. A trash bag underneath the box is a good precaution. If you are going a distance, you can usually pull out the liner and set the whole 40 lbs. in a cooler.
•    Is it close to date?
No. It is a fresh product with a recent “Packed on” date. It is a refrigerated item. When properly stored, it can go 12-14 days before needing frozen.
•    What if I can’t get my order?
 Orders are available for pickup Thursday afternoon through Saturday during business hours. After that, they are made available for sale, first come, first serve. Check Facebook on Mondays for a list of extras.
•    When do I pay?
You pay when you pick it up. We accept most forms of payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card, EBT.
•    Where are you located?
Our address is 408 Cemetary Rd, Meyersdale, PA, 21550. We are 2.5 miles out of Meyersdale, PA, about 20-30 minutes south of Somerset, PA.