First things

Our mission is to help people in our community. We want to make a profit so that we as owners and employees can support ourselves. Profit puts gas in the tank. People are the bottom line. We are not: a corporate chain, an ecommerce site, or a big new idea. We are real people that care about our community. We love our work (usually).



Delicious things. Meats, Cheeses, Sandwiches, and Trays. Deli Servers slice Meat and Cheese to order, serve Macaroni Salad, and assemble your sandwich creations.

Bulk Food

Every community should have a local hub for getting big amounts of baking supplies, candy, or snack food. It goes beyond the repackaged food in the store. Bookmark dutchvalleyfoods.com, the resource for finding whatever you need in bulk. Give us the six-digit product number from Dutch Valley Food’s online catalog, and we’ll give you a cost – delivered. Dutch Valley delivers weekly.

Discount Groceries

Definition: Groceries sold at less than retail price because of: close dates, cosmetic problems, or overstock. Also Known As: Salvage Groceries, Bent n’ Dent Groceries

Products get lost in the shuffle, product packaging gets beat up, and products get pulled off the shelf in big retail stores. We process warehouse deals, case lots, and Banana boxes full of random groceries that come from connections in the Industry. Safety standards guide what we offer. You should know certain ones you should know when you shop.

Cooler (and Produce)

Milk, Cheese, Bacon, Eggs, and lots of drinks.

Frozen Food

Ready to bake, thaw n’ serve, frozen fruits & vegetables, pizza, appetizers, chicken, seafood, and more.

Books & Crafts

We’d like to help enrich your life. Books and crafts aren’t our main focus, but as friends, we like sharing good reads, helping you decorate, and connecting you with local craftsmen.

The Team

You can meet us in the store.

The Place

The village of Summit Mills sits 3 miles out of Meyersdale Pennsylvania on Mt Davis Rd. The Market is an eighth mile in Cemetary Rd; there’s an Amish schoolhouse, a greenhouse, a church, several farms, and a cemetery. There’s a small sign at the intersection of Mt. Davis Road, Cemetary Road, and Bender Bridge Road pointing you toward the store. You can get directions from Google Maps [link]. Note that Cemetary Road meets Rockdale Rd. but becomes a narrow dirt road in the middle; GPSs are notorious for routing this way.


Summit Country Market, formerly Summit Discount, was started in May of 2000 by Mervin and Ada Yoder. On December 3, 2004, it opened in the newly remodeled building that was originally a German Baptist Meeting House built in 1846. The original frame can be seen today in the store; when the building was remodeled, all of the enormous hand-hewn beams were left intact. The building has been a landmark since 1846.

Now called Summit Country Market, it is owned by Henry and Nancy Bender. The Old Meeting House has become a place where people can come together and get great deals and a full line of quality products every day.